Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday 5/15/2012

It's been an eventful day around here so far. Woke up to the power being off then coming right back on, thought I could lay still a few more minutes till the phone rang and my mother's power was off and hadn't came back on and she wanted me to call the electric company to report the outage.  So I went ahead and got up, called the eletric company, packed dh's lunch, packed oldest's lunch and took him to school- I let him sleep alittle over since we were out late last night to a scout meeting. Our power had went out again shortly before we left to take oldest to school and it was still off when we got back. Started picking up around the house, which is all I could do with no power. Wasn't too long till the power came back on, apparently a transformer blew and caught fire so that was the source of the outage.
Now I am in full swing, I've got the dishwasher unloaded, reloaded, and going, the washer going, the dryer going- our middle child played in puddles last night in the rain after scouts his shoes are soaked and if he is going to make it to kindergarten today they must be dried first, I've got tea steeping and am fixing to go get something for the headache I gave myself by sleeping funny. I was having trouble with sinus drainage last night before bed so I propped myself up and well it worked well for the drainage but not so much for sleeping I woke up with a kinked neck and a headache, yay me!! Oh well hopefully some advil will take care of it as I have lots to get done today and well this week too!!

Plans for the week include- the house work and laundry of course
take away trash
Mow the grass
Help dh work on garden fence in evenings after he is home from work
clip coupons and match sales
make a grocery list
grocery shop
and hopefully find time to take dh's gram strawberry picking at a local UPICK place. Then of course put them up ie..Jams, frozen etc
Buy a babyshower gift- yeah I know I should have made something but...diapers will be much appreciated I am sure.
Our weekend looks like this:
Go to a baby shower
Go to the Scout BBQ fundraiser
Help a friend on their farm with putting up a building and moving the wood pile
Then go to church on sunday then hopefully home to relax!!!

So yeah busy busy busy!!

Have a blessed day!!!

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  1. A good kind of busy though, sounds like. We have been getting strawberries in N.C. for 3 weeks or so. My oldest daughter and her family live there so when we go down we always get fresh strawberries. So YUMMY! I hope your neck and head is feeling better. Enjoy your day and God bless.