Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Day after Memorial Day!!

Good Morning!!

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as ours!! With the 3 day weekend we were able to get alot of things done around here that really needed done.

On friday evening dh was able to come home earlier than usual because everyone in his office had already left early to enjoy their weekends so the office closed early!! He and the boys worked on the garden fencing while I started up the mower and got a head start on the yard work. We called it a night and came in when it was too dark outside to see. Thankfully he was able to get the fencing completed!!

Saturday we were up and attem' and finished up the yard work!! Dh mowed more with the push mower and did all the trimming. The kids and I moved yard furniture around and made sure the yard was all picked up. I even worked in the garage some to organize and straighten things up a bit. Mostly things like holiday decorations that had just been put in the garage but not nessassarily put away properly. Dh was happy about this as it freed up some valuable walking space in his garage!! After yard work we took trash away.
After that we came home cleaned up and in the heat of the day we went to town. Dh suprised us with a really nice late lunch/early dinner at Olive Garden!! I picked up some supplies and we headed home it had been a very full day!!!

Sunday we got up early and got ready for church, our pastor had called the night before and asked if our boys would help him by participating in the service the next morning. Our boys ages 10 and 6, dressed in their cub scout uniforms carried the American Flag and lead the congregation in Pledge Of Allegiance. I was honored and proud to say the least!!!

After Church we went to my grandmother's side family reunion, it was so hot and miserable that I was relieved when it was over and we were able to come home. Don't get me wrong it was nice seeing everyone but I am hoping next year they wait till early fall to have the reunion.

Then we came home and relaxed a bit before being suprised with some drop in company that stayed for dinner.  While making dinner I was able to make my macaroni salad for our cookout on Monday!!

Monday(yesterday) I got up and got busy getting the rest of the food made for our cookout. We made:
BBQ and Greek Chicken
Hot dogs for the little ones
Macaroni Salad
Potato Salad
Tea and Lemonade and Koolaid
Our friends and family brought:
Sweet Potato Souffle
Greek Salad
hm from scratch brownies-oh my sooooo goood!
more drinks (sodas)

It was a feast!!! Sooo good, and everyone had a blast sitting around talking, eating, playing in the water and with bubbles. It was an awesome day!! One granted to us by those who selflessly give of themselves so that we can enjoy all that we do.

By the end of the day once all the food was put away and the cookout semi cleaned up,  last night, when the boys told me they were a bit hungry before bed, one asked for a bowl of cereal and the other asked for another hm brownie I had no problem being the cool mom and saying go for it. Yes I know not the best choice for a quickie snack but I'll fill them full of good for them stuff today to make up for it!! lol Extra veggies and fruits all around, lol

Today is catch up day for me, I need to clean up this cookout we had yesterday, by the time everyone left last night and we got the food put away, I gave myself the night off and so the dishes are waiting for me this morning, but that is ok. There is also laundry to do and the house to pick up. But I have great reasons to inspire me in my work today. My children and my hubby, make it all worth it!!!

Speaking of the children and the Hubs, the children are back to school today, only 5.5 days left of this school year and yes they have end-of-year-itis, and are ready to start their summer vacaction!! Hubby is back to work today as well, he's still battling his sinus junk but hopefully will be on the mend soon.

Not sure about dinner tonight, I'll come up with something good, its been super busy around here, a whirlwind of activities really, that I need to take a moment and get centered and refocus on my menu and such. Its so much easier when I have all the meals planned out!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I'm wishing you well in the week to come!!
Blessings to you!!


  1. Sounds like a fun but busy weekend. I bet the boys are anxious for school to be out. I know we are glad to be out, but now are just waiting for Emily's graduation next week.

    Have a wonderful day. Thanks also for the recipe for the fried chicken salad.


  2. Sounds like you all had a fun weekend. Your cookout sounds delicious!! Enjoy your day and God bless.