Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday 5/7/2012

Good Morning!!
How was your weekend?? Ours was supposed to be semi-low key but ya know that never really happens!!

Our original plans were that dh was going to hang out at home with the kiddos, our nephew was gonna come over and hang out as well and Mom was going to go on a mom's day out with her bestie. I was super excited!!

Well we got a call on friday evening and I was asked if my son could lend a hand on Saturday during the parade. (Our town has a annual HUGE parade in celebration of a local crop that is pretty much the basis of our entire county, lol its a big deal- Farming and Apples and they celebrate it huge here.) So I asked the caller I guess that would be alright but which son? To which the answer was I'll take them both and I want your hubby as well. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but in case I haven't both of my sons are cubscouts, my husband is a leader and as of the next school year so am I :) and the caller wanted my boys to carry a flag in the huge parade. It through a wrench in my plans but it just so happened that my bestie called and asked if I mided if her daughter came along as well, to which I replied that it was funny I was just about to call her with the same question!!! So it was all sorted.

Silly me thought the boys would be carrying the scout pack/troop parade but it was a much bigger deal than that.

My sons and my husband were part of history!! They were involved with carrying the 9/11 flag!! The one that is on a journey across America through the 10th year anniversary of those horrible attacks on our country. The flag is being stitched back together little by little as it makes its way across America. As I am told it even has part of Abraham Lincoln's Flag stitched to it. What a completely amazing honor!! I am proud of them!! You can learn about it here:

So the guys went to the parade and Lil Miss and I and my bestie her daughter went to see all the arts and crafts at the park, then we went to lunch and did some shopping and finished the day off at the frozen yogurt shop before heading home!! It was an awesome day!!

Sunday was just as eventful even though it was supposed to be low key also. Well I guess you can say it ended up low key but started out a little crazy. I got up through a load of clothes into the washer and then into the dryer, dh was in the shower and the kids were just hanging out, we were fixing to get ready for church when right in the middle of those preps the power went out. A few calls later determined everyone was out of power even 6miles away. So with my church clothes still wet in the dryer and my hubby the only one that was even partially showered. Another call to the power company informed us that yes there was an outtage but NO they didn't know why or when it would be back on, so plans to church got scraped pretty quickly and we switched gears, did some straightening up around the house and as soon as the power was restored some couple hours later we finished up showers and drying clothes, got ready, and picked up our nephew then came home and grilled out, watched a movie- the baby and fell asleep in the middle of, lol and then after nephew went home we chilled out at home, worked in the flower beds then came in and made hm pizza!!

Soon after dinner it was bed time!!!

Now its Monday, the boys are off to school, hubs is off to work and I am here with the business of the house to take care of!!

Dishes, laundry, clean up, bills, lists etc are on the agenda for today!!
Oh and even though the weekend was busy hubby fixed the oven!! So I might bake something up today as well!!

Have a great day!!!

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  1. Sounds like a very busy weekend. That's usually how things happen around here too. I'm glad you had a fun day on Saturday. Enjoy your day and God bless.