Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tickled with myself!!!

Its no secret I am a procrastinator, I have no idea why other than I guess I am sort of on the lazy side. I guess if I am truely honest that's the only real reason isn't it?? Anyway I half started cleaning out my little girls room a few weeks ago and then once I made noticeable progress ie cleaning out clothes that are too small, thinning out toys that aren't played with etc, I slacked off on finishing. Well today I finished!! I put all the clothes away, I moved things around and I have even taken back some of my livingroom space by moving the kitchen set she received for christmas out of our living room and into her bedroom!! Yay for toys being in the bedrooms where they belong and not on my livingroom floor!!

Now the only thing that needs done in there is to find something to do with all the baby blankets I am keeping and to make curtains and find something to decorate the walls with. I am pleased with myself!!

Here's hoping I can continue on...The boy's room is next!!!!

Have a blessed day!!!


  1. Yay for you!!! Isn't it great to get jobs done. You mentioned something to do with the baby blankets-are they the flannel receiving blankets? If so, here's an idea. My oldest daughter cut hers up into squares and make table napkins out of them. Just a suggestion. Enjoy your day and God bless.

    1. Hi Donna!!
      Most of the blankets are hm crocheted blankets or special ones from special people. Most of the receiving blankets that didn't hold sentimental value have already been passed onto cousins or friends who were having babies.
      Our daughter has a hopechest, it belonged to my husband's mother. It's in her room but its filled with old papers and whatnot that belonged to my mil, I am not sure there is alot in there that is sentimental just somewhere my husband and his sister stuffed things they weren't sure what to do with when my mil passed. My husband isn't ready to go through the chest yet, its I guess still too painful for him to think about even though its been 8 years since she left us. And I am in no hurry to push him to sort through it all, having lost my own father a little over a year ago I know how painful it is to relive things whether its simple things or more sentimental things so for now I just need to find a place for the blankets. Our daughter is still in her crib, she's made no move to show me she is ready to have a bigger bed yet(she just turned 2 in December) so I'll probably get a tote or something to put underneath the crib till we are ready to deal with the hopechest. I think table napkins is a great idea though and have even thought of buying some fabric to do just that, something inexpensive that will hold up to many washings. Certainly would be cheaper than paper towels or paper napkins!!