Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Happenings

Good Morning!!
Today is errand day. To be honest I have been busy with other things this week, helping friends, busy in my home, outside my home, with my kids and one day of migrain or maybe allergies who knows what that kept me from things that needed done!!

I am not ready for errand day, but will muddle through because that's what you do when people depend on you. Dh's gram is a sweet lady, she's got and onery side to be sure but mostly she is just a warm loving family centered woman. She truely is a blessing to me and our family as well. She's older in years 88 her birthday 2 months ago in March and she's winding down and needing more help than she has in the past. That's ok with me, she's such a blessing its never a burden. NEVER.

Today she needs me to take her shopping for groceries, although truth be told I think she buys more for her little dog than she does her self. :) she loves her little dog. I also need to help her pay a few bills, she doesn't see as great as she once did and needs me to write our her bills for her.

We'll hit a few stores to get the best deals and then home to get it all squared away. Then tomorrow I've promised to take her strawberry picking!! Which means while I am out I need freezer bags, and sugar. I can almost taste the jam!!!

Dh's been working on our garden fence, in the evenings after work,  making it more permanent more secure, hopefully with the new fence we'll get more veggies than the deer get ;) one can hope right??

Dh's gram has started me some seeds for cucumbers and tomatoes. She's got a greener thumb than the incredible hulk, she can grow anything!! I can't wait to get the plants in the garden and I pray for a good harvest this year. Lord knows we need it!!!

I hope to do lots of canning this year!! It sure would be helpful to have lots on hand especially with the prices lately. Gas is coming down but its not nearly low enough for my tastes!! 3.45 a gallon this morning. It has been more like 3.95 so its a start but it needs to keep coming down!!

Well I need to pack my kindergartener's lunch and get little miss ready for her day of shopping with Mama and Mammaw!!

Enjoy your day!!
Oh and dinner tonight is Fried Chicken Salad, yummy!!
Have a blessed day!!!


  1. Sorry I haven't been commenting. I have enjoyed reading. I hope that you have a wonderful day and that you feel better.

    What is fried chicken salad?


  2. I wanted to ask the same question as Cheryl. I have never heard of fried chicken salad but we love fried chicken so I'm sure it is good. What fun to be able to pick stawberries and make jam together with Dh's gram. Such a blessing. My mom and I always loved doing things like that together. Enjoy your day and God bless.