Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday in my home 10/5/2011

I've already packed 2 lunches and got Dh off to work and oldest ds off to school, made breakfast for the littles scrambled eggs and toast with fresh apple butter mmmm- oldest eats breakfast at school with his friends- its cooler to do it that way ya know ;) or so he tells me, I've unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and so I deem that enough to be still a moment and drink my coffee before it cools and catch up a bit in the bloggo world!!

Today 10 yrs ago(~!10!~) I went to my last ob appt., it was on a friday, the baby I was carrying-my first!! had already tried to come early twice!! And I had been dialated to 1-1.5 for about 3 weeks with no change. It was technically 1 day past my due date and the dr asked me if he could find a place for me at the hospital did I want to go ahead and go in...and have the baby?
I was ready oh so ready to meet the little person that had given me such heartburn that I thought I could breath fire, who had kicked my bladder so much I was almost afraid to leave the house for fear I would wet myself with one of those kicks- I had plans of entering the little one in the NFL as soon as he made his appearance as I was sure he could out kick any team in the league, the little one who actually kicked in perfect rhythem when ever we were in the car and his dad played Pink Floyd or Grateful Dead, yes I was ready but the hospital they was packed and so I would have to wait till Monday unless I went into labor on my own over that weekend. It was a great weekend too, nice weather, we got lots and lots done in anticpation of his arrival. I never went into labor that weekend, you would have thought that 2 times of them stopping my labor early on that this child actually wanted to come out but nope he was quite happy, warm and snuggly right where he was and so I would have to wait 3 more days!

What a great memory to have today!! I could sit and ponder memories all day long!! Sadly the housework must be done and I have a party to get ready for this weekend so no more reminiscing for me, ok maybe just not as much... :)

On the agenda is more straightening up, more laundry, Its supposed to a nice warm NOT RAINING day today so hopefully I will get the laundry moved through and can get my rugs washed and hung's hoping!!!

SO ya know the ususal day to day stuff needs done, I better get off here and make a dent!!!
Have a great day!!!

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  1. What great memories to have. My oldest will be 21 next month.

    Have a wonderful day with your little girl. I hope that your boys have a great day at school. Enjoy the sunshine. We are having rain most of the day.