Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday 10/20/2011

THURSDAY!! One more day till the weekend and I can't wait!!

Right now I am waiting for a call from the scout office, then hopefully I can finish up with this Popcorn and be DONE!! Ugh frustrating doesn't cover it, really!! Alot of it is because this is the first year I have been the popcorn chair and I had no idea what I was doing and well you can probably figure out how its been frustrating for me. But oh well its just one small thing really and it will soon be done and hopefully done right by me. :)

So while waiting for that call, I hope to get things straightened up around here finish up more laundry and then finish cutting coupons I can't believe how many I have that need cut.

Also before I forget one of the local fire depts is having a fundraiser bake sale, for a local man who has cancer and is set to have surgery soon, the fundraiser is to help raise money for his wife to be able to stay down close to the hospital with him while he is in surgery and recovering, so all that to say my grandma asked me to bake something so I plan on making a cherry pie and a loaf of applesauce bread for the bake sale.

So that is my plan for today!!

Have a blessed day!!!

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