Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday in my home 10/4/2011

Wow, I'm having a hard time writing 10 as the month. Where has the time gone?? I guess we really have been that busy that we haven't seen it flying past us FTL!!!

Today I am happy to report a day at home. The only time I will leave my home is to put the children on and off the bus and I need to go 1 mile from home to get gas in my gas hog, aka the truck!!

Other than that I will be home, keeping house!!

I have the normal laundry, and cleaning that needs done.

I haven't cut my coupons this week, sheesh I haven't even looked over the sales flyers yet. Oh I'll get to it but it might not be today. After saving 30.05 in coupons last week, you can bet I won't be overlooking them and I will definately find time to get the coupons cut and organized, and matched to sale items. The money just doesn't stretch as far as it used to. Anyone I talk to says pretty much the same thing, the money is much less stretchy these days!!

I've got christmas gifts in the works!!! I've been working on felt food and on the needle right now I have a Luna Lovegood Scarf started in a favorite color of the intended reciever!! Hows that for spoilers?? Not much to go on as to who it actually belongs too!! I'm a little sneaky like that. :) I am also fixin to order the material to make my sweet boys pj bottoms in their favorite character, which at the moment is Doctor Who!! So soon the sewing machine will be humming along as well!!!

It feels good to see the pantry filling up<- albeit very slowly, and also the gift closet filling up. Maybe this year as the cold weather and winter settle in I won't be as stressed?? I surely hope so!!

Not sure about dinner tonight, It will definately be something from the menu posted a couple days ago but I need to consult the menu and see what looks good from what we have available.

So thats my day, cleaning, laundry, etc etc but the important thing is, I AM HOME for the day!! Now only if I could be home with out a million things that needed done...Oh what a lovely day for crafting that would be!!!

Have a great day!!

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