Thursday, October 13, 2011

Horrible day yesterday but still a praise to share!!

By the time evening came yesterday I was ready to just declare the day a fail and go to bed and hope that today I could get a do over!!

Wednesday for me started out like this:

RAINING- good grief its been raining for what seems like forever with sparse days of dry in between

Then I got pulled over not a mile from my house for a dead inspection, the officer was really nice I told him it had just slipped my mind and honestly it had it wasn't like I was up to anything devious, then he said ok give me just a minute and he comes back with a TICKET!!!! My inspection was only 12 days out of date and he obviously ran my license and saw that I had no record no spots on my licence at all but I still got a ticket. I was sad and dissapointed to say the least, its not like I have an extra 30.00 just laying around to pay tickets with, but I agree I am at fault, I guess the it slipped my mind statement held no water, Maybe what I should have said was it slipped my mind because I have 3 kids, I practically run my entire household by myself because my husband leaves early and comes home late to provide for us, I take care of my husbands 87 yr old grandmother, my mother is a widow I cook and take care of her, I also help when I can take care of my mother's parents who are in their 70's and have health problems, I have 2 sons in scouts, I am the pack secretary and I spend most of my time running errands here and there for everyone but myself, I never take a shower by myself or use the bathroom by myself, I don't get to bed until Midnight or later, my daughter doesn't sleep through the night and I am back up by 6am every morning , I am over worked and totally under appreciated and I truely am sorry that I let the inspection lapse but Thank you very much officer I will gladly pay the 30.00 ticket on the one income that I can barely keep my kids fed with-Seriously they are eating machines, but please sir won't you have a nice day?? Ok I am off my soap box, like I said its totally my fault for not having it done but it galls me that I am getting a ticket for dead inspection but the truckers at the truck stop a mile from the house can pull out in front of you, run you off the road-yes seriously, block the road and tie up traffic for a hour but there is NEVER a cop when you need one but Lord help you if average joe smoe is 12 days out of inspection- beware they are coming for you!!!

Then after accepting my ticket I still had to run about 4000.00 worth of unsold popcorn back to the scout office and I decided to go ahead and get the inspection taken care of, and guess what it failed, yep FAILED, turns out the truck needs new rotors and brakes on the back, I just had new tires put on the front like 3 weeks ago, wouldn't ya think they would have looked it over and gave me the heads up?? Nope Nada!! I'm gonna let that one go there simply is no point to getting worked up over it. I will just have to remember to be more thorough when asking questions and having work done by anyone but my hubby.

Ok so enough complaing here's my praise:
My husband GOD BLESS HIM, puts up with me even when I am a ranting red head!! He has this amazing ability to calm me down and talk me off the soap box. GOD I love him!! I'm lucky to have him!!!He also GOD BLESS HIM is gifted as Jack of All Trades and although he spends his days as my geeky computer guy, he will be able to put on my rotors and brakes as soon as I get them which will be his next pay day.
A big praise is that at least I found out there was a problem with my truck before something serious went wrong and with hubby fixing it for us it will save us a great garage charge!!
So not too bad I guess after all!!

So that pretty much was how my day went yesterday!! Here's praying today is less eventful...Who ever said being a housewife was boring????......Not this red head thats for sure!!!


  1. Being a housewife is not boring. I am so sorry for your day. That is very frustrating. What is a dead inspection? I know we have to have a smog test and that is it.

    I also am very thankful for my husband who does all the repairs on our cars and homestead. I hope that today goes better for you.

    You have a lot on your shoulders. Raising kids on one income is hard enough and then you have a lot of family members who depend on you.


  2. Good grief! I despise cops like that. One time my mom got pulled over and ticketed for going 41 in a 40mph zone. Nice.

    I hope today is better for you.