Sunday, July 1, 2012

Abundant Blessings in the aftermath of the storm

A horrible storm hit here Friday night. There were wind gusts of 80mph, rain and hail included. Thousands lost power, us included. Our power went out at about 2:30am Saturday morning. About a mile from our house, a tree had fell and snapped a power pole in half. And did I mention the temp as been 100* and the humidity seems like about 150%
To say we were miserable would be an understatement.
When we finally got up for the day, we found out one of our neighbors, Jeff, who is also a good friend had something like 8 trees come down. We decided to go over and help him cut them up, it was a long miserably hot day but we got it done.  Our power finally came back on at around 11pm last night.
In the mean time we also had borrowed a generator from my grandfather.  We hooked up the fridges and the freezer, and we were lucky that our extra fridge and the freezer did well. We weren't so lucky that our main fridge in the house died.  I'm not sure if it was the storm or age or what but it just gave up.  Even with the generator and then power coming back on the fridge never got cooler than 64* and that amount of time at that temp the parishable foods were just not safe to eat!! So sadly we lost alot of food.

Our chore after church today was to clean out the fridge, take all the bad stuff to the dump and then make a list and go to the store to replace what we lost.  We also ordered parts for the fridge and paid extra *ouch* for them to be overnighted to us.

Tonight while I was fixing dinner I heard a car horn, I looked out and it was our pastor, he heard that we lost all our parishables and brought us a car full of groceries!!!! How amazing is that??? I hadn't told anyone at church that we had lost everything parishable in the house fridge but he had heard through the grapevine so they say and said they wanted to help. It was totally unexpected and left us speachless!!

We got everything put away and finally had a late dinner of BLT sandwiches and cucumbers from the garden!! My husband agreed that this dinner really said SUMMER!!! We also said that it would have only been any better if the tomato had come from our garden. It was still good though!!!

Its been a long weekend and we are super happy that the power is back on!!!

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