Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday 7/26/2012

Good Early Evening!!

I'm sitting here listening to the children play, and just catching up on blogs I like to read.

Today hasn't been a very busy day per say but busy none the less.
First I got hubby's lunch packed and got him off to work
Then our friend dropped her son off to spend the day with us
I got a shower and then made sure all the children were ready to go and we left for town.
Stopped by my mom's work
went to the Boy Scout office to pick up a package for dh
went to get some lunch
went to the dollar tree
went to the grocery store
then back home
the 3boys went directly to playing games while I took little miss to my room and laid down with her to so she could get her nap.

* what is it about trying to take a nap that makes everyone you know is try to get in touch with you at that moment?? Seriously if your ever feeling lonely take a nap- the phone won't stop ringing!! I know I got at least 3 calls while trying to lay down with the baby. The phone might not ring all day but by golly try to nap and see what happens. Sheesh!!!!

Now I am thinking about dinner, the kids want tacos which is fine. I'll make some dirty rice as well since dh is burnt out on tacos!!

I also have tomatoes to work up, I'll save some out for dinner tonight but work up the rest. Dh went out to the garden this morning to see if there were any ready for him to be able to take a few to his boss- he works in the city so not alot of folks garden. He came in and said to me lol "THE TOMATOES ARE COMING THE TOMATOES ARE COMING...BRACE YOURSELF WOMAN THE TOMATOES ARE COMING" He is such a goof sometimes, but it did make me chuckle, I asked if there were really that many out there that were ready and he said a good many with lots coming on behind them, he had taken 4 off to take to his boss, and as soon as they were dressed the boys lit out of here all excited  and they picked this morning and came in with 29, 2 aren't quite ready still pink so they will spend some time in the kitchen window, So a total of 33 picked today. I already had 11 in the window so I should have at least a good 30+ to work up after I take some out for dinner tonight.
A small batch to can but every little bit adds up!!!

Well I guess I better get dinner started!!!

Oh and if you have a moment and wouldn't mind, would you say a prayer for my friend Tiffani, and her husband Mike and daughter Phoebe?? She tragically miscarried a couple of months ago and tonight they are having a memorial for their son who was taken so soon. She's a dear friend and I know she would appreciate it!!!

Have a great evening!!

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