Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Saturday

I'm up early after going to bed late...Not sure how that is going to work out for later but oh well... on with the day...

So a little update as to what has been going on in our little piece of the world.....

Monday 7/16/2012 The hubs had surgery to remove as the dr put it "An extremely severe deviated septum" Pretty much she broke out what bone she could then she chisled out the rest.....Sheesh!!!!! Boy, has he been through the wringer!!! He's still not 100% and I have no idea when he will be, its slow going on the healing for sure. She also put in stints I guess to keep his airway open and of course they are a bugger to deal with!!! Poor fella is pretty much miserable and in pain. The meds make him itch and knock him out, both of which he is NOT fond of. Its been a rough recovery for him to be sure. We go back to the dr on monday hopefully to remove the stints and hear praises of a great recovery but we'll wait and see how it goes.

The rest of the week was spent at home, just doing things around the house. I've pretty much caught up all the laundry, I canned 27 qts and 1 pint of peaches, the kids have had video game marathons with their friend who has hung out here a couple days this week. Last night I went to Ladies night with the girls and today...well today is still up in the air. With Dad home full time on recovery we aren't really making plans just taking the day as it comes and deciding what to do as the mood strikes us. Its nice for a change to just.... be, not to be on a set schedule, at least for the time being. When the hubs is released back to work, I am expecting a rude awakening and some balking on the kids part and mine as well probably as we get back into the groove.

The garden is really starting to produce and I feel like I am fixing to be busy but I am looking forward to it really, I love canning and hope this year is a bumper crop kind of year. I was a little worried about rain and without it and without hand watering ,worrying that things might dry up and not produce but its been raining for 2days with small breaks inbetween soakings and I think everything will be just fine now!!!

I'll still get a few things from the farmer's market, mainly peaches but it will be nice to be putting up whatever we can!!!

I hope you have had a wonderful week!!!


  1. I have been praying for his recovery. That doesn't sound like fun. Our peaches are a month away. We have been busy with beans.

    Have a wonderful day with your family.


  2. I pray your husband recovered quickly and that the pain is not too severe. We love peaches. We have put up some and hope to do more as the season progresses. I hope your garden does really good. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. Poor Cookie. Hope he feels better soon.