Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday 7/2/2012

We had another storm pass through last night but thankfully we were able to keep our power!!!

Dh is off to work, no word yet if they have power in his office or not. I told him this morning if they didn't it would be nice to have him home another day. He agrees it would be nice to have another day off, he is really sore and tired from our weekend.

He cut up those 8 trees on Saturday for our neighbor in 100* temps with 100* humidity, he worked so hard and long in the heat that by saturday night his face was coved in hives from the heat. Thankfully we have the pool and he has been getting in, in the evenings to cool off. With our power back on it certainly makes sleeping better but everyone is still tired from such an eventful weekend!!!

He had me order the parts for our fridge and we even paid extra to get them here faster, hopefully they will be here by tomorrow so that dh can work on the fridge and get it fixed. I am lucky to have him, he isn't afraid to tackle the big jobs and by working on it ourselves, if he is able to fix it,he will have saved us a ton of money over buying a new fridge!!

My day today will be spent at home, working on getting the dishes and laundry caught up, there is a ton of that to do!!!

Not sure what dinner will be tonight, maybe tacos, something easy and quick.

Have a blessed day!!!

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  1. So sorry to hear about your fridge. I agree with you about having a Hubby who will tackle the big jobs and is able to fix things. We are very blessed to have them. I hope the parts come quickly. That was so nice of your pastor to bring you food. God is so good. We have a major storm come through our area Friday night as well. Lots of trees down, power outages and such. Our power went off for a few minutes and then came back on. Stay cool and God bless.