Friday, May 3, 2013

Planting more seeds

So this year I decided to plant as much as I could for my garden from seed. I've had some good results and some not so good results. To be honest I think my not so good results are because I am impatient and rushed things a bit. But you live and learn right??

So I decided yesterday that it wouldn't hurt a thing if I planted more seeds for our garden. I replanted some of what didn't make the first go around and then I planted more of some that are doing well and with all the seeds I am hoping for the best.

I planted alot of seeds yesterday: 2 kinds of tomatoes, jalapenos, bell peppers, asparagus seed, cucumbers, to name a few.

I know that if they all survive that I will have WAY MORE than we will use and I hope we do so that I can give some plants to a dear friend who lives close!!

Dh says he hopes to get into our garden this weekend and get it tilled up. I plan on using some advice/tips from Brandy by using my empty canning jars as mini greenhouses. Yes I know impatient but hey she's had great results so it can't hurt to try.

Dh and I have also talked about putting in an asparagus bed. We've discussed it before both of us thinking it was a good idea but we never got past the "thinking on it" stage. Now that we've started seeds, we've got the push to get something done. We know our seedlings won't produce for a couple of years but if we don't get something started we'll never have any asparagus.

Dh's talking about enlarging our garden, its not very big to begin with and it wouldn't hurt for it to be a bit bigger, especially since I got a little crazy with the seed planting, but I'm guessing we'll start in the fall and clear and till and amend for next years garden.

In the mean time any extra plants we end up with will be shared with friends and any extras we can't get rid of I'll plant in the flower beds, lol  I plant flowers in the vegetable garden ( marigolds between the tomatoes-helps with bugs) why not plant vegetables in the flower beds?? :)

Enjoy your day!!!

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