Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good Frosty Tuesday Morning to Ya!!

Frosty?? Yes Frosty!! I can't believe how unbelievably cold it is. Last night we were warned of temps of 32* and frost.  And with all the rains we've had lately I haven't been able to get into my garden at all. It just sits out there tilled and ready but with all the rain we've gotten recently I'm pretty sure its soggy and muddy too. I've got last falls green onions going to seed but I know I'll sink ankle deep the minute I go out there to get them, so...here I sit, cold and frustrated.

I brought all the seed starts in last night. The ones that had already sprouted are doing fine, the ones I restarted haven't sprouted yet at all. But again with the cold wind, rain and frost, I'm guessing it will be a late garden season if anything sprouts at all. I would hate to have to buy plants at the nursery, its not my first choice but like I mentioned to another blogger this morning, neither is starving, and with kids to feed I'm not above buying plants if I need to.

So now my very small house is also home to a kitchen table full of seed pots and seedlings and we're hoping for the best.

Since I can't get outside, my attention will be inside today. I've got laundry to catch up and regular housework. I really need to tear apart my kids rooms and sort clothes and toys and try to get a handle on that overwhelming mess!! All in due time I suppose. So that's my plan for today, stay inside (to stay warm, lol) and stay busy with laundry and various household chores!!!

Enjoy your day!!


  1. We have past our last day of frost, thankfully. We lost fruit due to frost this year.

    I hope that you can get into your garden soon. Have a wonderful day.


  2. Sorry to hear about your lost fruit Cheryl. That's gotta sting. Maybe with any luck another one of your crops will be a bumper this year to help out!! Good luck with all your gardening!!!

    1. Thankfully we still have fruit canned from last year. Have a great day.