Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday 11/28/2012

Good morning!!

Yesterday was a run errand kind of day so not a whole lot got done around here so today is catch up day!!

I've already had the washer and dryer working out, and they will continue through out the day till I get the laundry caught up, hopefully I'll have it all done by the time the boys get home from school and then they can help me put it all away, well at least their piles :)

The dishwasher has been emptied and reloaded just waiting for little miss to finish up her late breakfast then I'll get it running as well.

I need to straighten the bathroom, living room, hall and kitchen.

I need to do a wee bit of baking today,  just snacky type stuff and for lunches. I might go ahead and work on some of my christmas gift basket goodies and get them frozen so I can be ahead of the game for a change.

Thats about it for me today, in between folding laundry and all the chores I listed I'll try to sneak in a few crochet stitches on the gift I am making dh.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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