Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday after Thanksgiving!!

Good morning!!
Today is back to the normal grind around here. The hubs has already left for work and the boys are already at school so that just leaves little miss and I at home today. Its a little quiet after having a houseful for those few days but there is lots to do to keep my busy!!

Today's agenda includes:
Dishes knew I was gonna say laundry didn't you? Of course, lol there are not many of my lists that don't include laundry!!!
Menu planning for this week as well as preparing my list for my upcoming monthly shopping trip!!
I'm hoping that during nap time I can work on some gifts for the boys!!! How's your christmas shopping/gift making coming along?? I am getting there, just a few more things to buy/make and then I'll be a wrapping/decorating/baking  fool!! I love christmas!! The part I love the most is just being with everyone. Really and truely, our lives are so busy that having a few days just to hang out and enjoy being in one place with those you love is just priceless to me!!!

I am also hoping that since there is only 1 month till christmas I can bake and freeze an item every day or so. That way when it comes time to building my gift baskets, the work is all done and all I have to do is put the items together!!! Oh and something new this year, I plan on making my "baskets" out of recycled materials, so stay tuned!! The baskets that is, not the items going into the baskets, lol

have a great day, hope its productive and cheerful!!!

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