Monday, November 26, 2012

Menu plan Monday

Ok so here's my menu for this week:

Tonight we have scouts so it will be a heat and eat of Thanksgiving leftovers. Easy Peasy on a rushed and crazy night!! The only thing I need to make fresh is a pot of mashed potatoes, and some rice,  I've got leftovers of everything else

Tuesday: I'll be using leftover Ham from Dh's grams and leftover mashed potatoes to make
Ham, eggs and potato cakes for dinner- Breakfast for dinner is a fave around here
Wednesday:  I have leftover meatballs on purpose, made from last nights "Bill Jerome" subs night.
*Funny story, when I was a kid every once in a while my daddy would want subs, so he and mom would go to the store to get EVERYTHING you can imagine for Build Your Own Sub night. And that is just what we did, most of the time the subs were cold cut subs and sometimes they were steak and cheese kind of subs but either way it was build your own meaning you could put on it whatever you liked. My daddy was cool long before there was ever a subway, lol
Anyway we normally have company Sunday evenings and I suggested a month or so that one Sunday we have Build Your Own Sub Night, my friend said Oooh Sounds great..we love subs.  Then seriously said to me Who is Bill Jerome? At first I didn't get it, so I asked again what? And she says to me.. You said you were going to get Bill Jerome Subs, who is Bill Jerome, is that a new place, I've never heard of it?  To say I LOL would be an understatement, I explained and then we both had a big laugh!! So from here on out, Build your own sub night will be called Bill Jerome!!

So on Wednesday since I have leftover meatballs I think I will make spaghetti with meatballs and hopefully some homemade garlic bread

Thursday: will be another Bill Jerome night since I have lots of leftover meats and cheeses

Friday will probably be hm pizza

Saturday and Sunday are up in the air due to my monthly shopping trip.


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    1. Your right Annie, we've done that too, but normally I just make a several larger ones since we all like most of the same things!!!