Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Almost Turkey Day!!!

Today will be a busy day for alot of people I'm sure!! And I am no exception!!
My list of chores today include:

Running an errand for the hubs
baking..oh the baking!!! :) I've got a from scratch carrot cake planned, as well as a cherry and apple pies!!
I'll go ahead and make up all the drinks today ie Tea, and Kool-aid
I want to go ahead and chop up all the veggies I'll need for the stuffing and I'm seriously considering starting my Turkey tonight in the 18qt roaster. I've got a 23lb turkey, not real sure how that is gonna work out in the roaster but I'm going to give it a go just the same.
And I want to make a batch of overnight cinnamon rolls.
And if I get all that done and there is still time I might make some deviled eggs as well.

In the morning I'll pop the overnight cinnamon rolls into oven and make the stuffing and gravy. Then pack it all up to take to my brother's house, we do sort of a potluck Thanksgiving. We all decide what we are having then we each make a couple things from the list and bring them to his house. It works out great really. No one is really over worked and there is plenty to choose from so there's something everyone will like. Perfect!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!
Gobble til you Wobble :)


  1. I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have done turkeys in the roaster and they turn out great. We are going to smoke our turkey today and heat it up in the roaster tomorrow.


    1. We have smoked our turkey in the past, the only problem with that is some want smoked some want traditional so we usually end up doing 2 and WOW the leftovers, lol Its been a while since we have smoked one, hmm maybe I'll see if there are any clearance sales on Turkeys after tomorrow and get dh to smoke a turkey breast for us. Mmmm
      Enjoy your Thanksgiving Cheryl!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Dana!

    I'm trying something different this year by making almost everything ahead of time. I already have cranberry sauce chilling, cranberry relish, mashed potatoes, and pie crust dough done. Today I will make the pumpkin pie and a new-to-me version of green bean casserole, and maybe the rolls. All that leaves for tomorrow is the turkey (Shane will do that in the fryer) and the stuffing. If it all goes as planned, it will be a very stress-free, relaxed holiday. :)

    1. Hey Annie!! Sounds like a great plan, hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!