Monday, December 12, 2011

Super Busy But Wonderful Weekend!!

Its been a typical Monday so far.....

Got the kids up late
Dh woke up not feeling well
Dh was late leaving for work
Oldest was late for school....
And so typical Monday, lol

But the weekend, Oh the weekend was wonderful!!

Dh took the oldest and they joined the Boy Scouts on a Day trip to the state capital. They were up early and gone all day but they had a great time!!

The littles and I went to town, then came home for naps and getting ready for a get together.

Once the guys were home, we loaded up and dropped oldest off at the neighbors house, to hang out with some older friends for a video game and pizza fest, and dh and I, took the littles and had dinner with friends as well. It was a great night, got to bed way late but everyone had a good time. Both of the boys wanted to know could this be what we did every saturday night, lol, umm Probably not but good try asking boys, lol

Sunday we got up and went to church, then the children had christmas program practice, then we got lunch and came home. I ended up with a migraine so when the baby laid down for her nap I went with her, I ended up sleeping a couple hours, and boy I needed it, because it really helped get rid of that migraine. While the baby and I napped, daddy and the boys played a board game. Its one of their favorite things to do with daddy!! They get him all to themselves with out baby sister trying to eat the pieces or tear the play money.

After my nap I got up and got everyone ready and we went to church for the childrens christmas program, all three of my lovlies were in the program this year and it was wonderful!! Both of the boys had speaking parts, they all sang and even the baby not quite 2 had a speaking part, she was the "Moon" in the creation story!! She's talking but not fully but she can say moon and it was adorablely cute when she said it for the program!!

After the program they had light refreshments and we stayed way too late talking to friends, family and church members. It was such a wonderful program!!!

Getting home and everyone in bed was late as well, which put us late getting going this morning. But it was so good, so very good and a great way to spend the weekend!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!!!

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  1. What a busy weekend. Our Christmas program is next Sunday evening.

    Getting an afternoon rest seems to help the rest of the day. I hope that your husband feels better.

    Have a wonderful day.