Thursday, December 29, 2011

~ My sweet girl is 2!! ~

Yesterday my baby girl had her 2nd birthday!!

I can't even begin to tell you how blessed I am to be her momma!! I just love her to pieces!! Every last spoiled rotten bit of her!!!

As it was daddy's last day home before going back to work, we spent the day just haning out and playing with the littles!!

I did a couple loads of laundry and of course the meals and dishes but nothing over the top, it was a very relaxed day.

After Little Miss Boo woke up from her nap she was in the mood to cuddle and so we did for quite a while. We were cuddled up on the couch, she and I, wrapped up in a cozy blanket watching a movie. Bliss!!! Truth be told she hadn't got her nap out and just wanted Momma to hold her, and ya know I was good with that!!!

It came time to start thinking about dinner and I knew I would have to run to the store and little miss don't put me down- take me with you or I will scream and drive daddy nuts, and I got ready to go and we went to the store. I needed fresh loaf of bread and a bag of chips for daddy's lunch today as well as some mozzarella cheese and sausage for our birthday pizza night!!!
Little Miss picked out some bananas and also a wee little cake for our birthday celebration.

We made hm pizza and bread sticks, ate cake and just hung out some more. Kara opened 2 new "Yee-Has" aka mini my little ponies for her birthday gift, she won't get her big gift till her party but she doesn't care. She loves those little ponies!!
The Birthday girl was treated to "bubbles" while I prepared dinner. "Bubbles-nigh-night" is her way to ask for a bath!! Which she enjoyed emmensely while the dough was rising!! Isn't it cute how she understands a bath then bed time??

We played a board game then watched a couple shows together and then the boys went to bed and Kara and I curled up on the couch with that snuggly blanket and we fell asleep cuddling on the couch while daddy finished watching a crime drama show!!

When the show went off, I tucked a conked out birthday girl into her bed and daddy and I made the rounds locking up and setting up coffee and then we too retired for the night.

It was a great day to spend with family!!

The funniest part of the whole day is someone would call and say to Kara, Is today your birthday? And she would ALWAYS answer "nah"!! She says no to everything even when she means yes, lol

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