Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday morning 9/18/2011

The house is quiet, except for the hum of the dishwasher which I forgot to run last night. :(
The boys stayed the night with my mom, and baby girl and the hubs are still snoozing away.
I am ready for this cold virus to leave our home. My little girl has been hit with it as well, which in itself isn't pleasent or at least I think she has, but add to that she is cutting teeth too, these teeth are taking their everloving sweet time to come all the way through and it makes for an unhappy time for everyone. She is suffering with a super runny nose, she is super-super drooly and she's having a hard time breathing on top of it all so you can imagine how much fun it is. :(

Last night she was so congested and drooly that she coughed and gagged herself which caused her dinner to erupt out of her, it was the very first time she had ever vomitted so she was extremely upset. We ended up changing her out of her clothes in the tub then using the sprayer part of the shower to clean out the tub..Except she hates the shower and is scared of the sprayer so not only is she upset that she has thrown up, now she is screaming because Daddy is spraying out the tub. We get her pretty cleaned off and the tub completely cleaned out then we ran her a bath with bubbles, as soon as he put the sprayer away she was fine, I let her play in the warm bubble bath for a good long while, hoping it would help break up all that yuck in her sinuses. She was a happy miss after that, she loves her bubble bath!!

I am guessing the warm bath helped with the sinuses because she was able to sleep last night, infact as soon as we got her out of the bath, dried, lotioned, diapered and dressed, she was out. Infact she is still sleeping!! I hope she sleeps off whatever is ailing her. My momma always said that when your sick you need to sleep, your body heals itself when you sleep, so I hope she gets plenty of sleep so she will feel better!!

I'm going to go get ready for church!! I hope you all have a wondeful Sunday!!!

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