Thursday, September 29, 2011

Checking in... But just quickly!!

Its been a whirlwind kind of time around here. With fall comes birthdays (both of my boys), cubscouts, back to school, and just normal everyday business. Only it seems ours has been mulitplied!!

This past weekend we went to Luray Caverns and went camping, all 5 of us in a tent, even miss boo who was on her very first camping trip and LOVED it!! We went with Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz, the kids adore them!! I think they are quite smitten with the kiddos too, infact I know they are!! We have lots of pics to post, I just don't have the time right this moment but soon I promise!!

I also have started christmas shopping here and there, Yes I know its not quite October but with my christmas list its not to early for me to start, I am actually doing quite well. I can't wait to take some pics and show off some of the homemade gifts I am making. And I do believe the hubs has some hm gifts on his list planned as well.

The garden is finished, I do still have some brussells sprouts out there and am waiting for the first frost to harvest them, and maybe a cabbage, and some peppers here and there then its done for the season. Of course I have big plans for next years garden already, but I have all winter to work on that!!

On my needles right now is a new project which will also be a christmas gift. I honestly have so many hm gifts planned I really need to buckle down and get them done!!

Ok thats my quick chaotic update, time to swap the laundry, and get back to work in my kitchen!!

Have a great evening!!

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