Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to business...9/19/2011

Its Monday and there is lots to do around here today! The house is a complete and total mess. I really need to be more organized. I'm working my way there but its a work in progress!! Its good to be back to business though, what a busy weekend we had. Scouts, church, visting with grandparents and great grandparents, busy busy busy!! Even though its Monday and the weekend is over, today doesn't look to be much better in the being busy dept.

On the agenda for today is:
Strip beds, wash bedding, remake beds
Work on grocery lists
Clip coupons and match sales
Regular pick up and cleaning of the kitchen, livingroom, bathroom, bedrooms....

I've already got the laundry going, so hopefully I will get it all done in one day, then its on to stripping the beds.

Before long it will be time to get lunch going for little miss, after lunch she will take her nap then while she is down for her nap I hope to get the bulk of my cleaning and straightening done!! Not sure if I will get to everything on my list today but I hope it make some kind of headway at least!!

Not sure about dinner tonight, Its a toss up as to what we have on hand, I didn't get any shopping done this weekend so I'll have to see what we have available. Hmmm????

Well I am off to get back at it!! Have a great day!!


  1. I hope that you were able to get things done. I know some days I don't do everything. This time of year the house doesn't get cleaned like it should.

    Have a wonderful evening with your family. I hope that your boys are enjoying school.


  2. Dana,

    I hope that all is well with your and your family. I have been missing your posts. I wanted to let you know that we tried your Unstuffed Peppers tonight. They were wonderful. I know I have a mini loaf pan (but can't find it), and I didn't think about using my muffin pan until just now. I went ahead and made it in a big oval pan. This is what I used:

    2 pounds ground beef
    2 eggs
    salt and pepper
    about 2 cups of cooked regular rice (I had some leftover in the fridge)
    1 pint of tomato sauce that I canned
    1 teaspoon of pizza seasoning
    1/2 onion (it was big), chopped
    1 bell pepper, chopped

    I thought it tasted great with the regular rice in it, even with it cooked all the way. The family really liked it. It had the taste of the stuffed peppers, without all of that peppers.

    Have a great evening.