Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Menu this week 6/10-6/16

Yep, late posting this again. Oh well I'm trying to be better about it, I need to be more accountable so that we eat out less and spend less. Having a plan has helped me do that in the past and with school getting out soon and my eating machines being here all day everyday I need to be on top of meals, snacks and I need them to be frugal so my hope is that having a plan will do that for me.

Monday (last night, lol) We had Italian Sausage links, onions, peppers over rice

Tuesday ( or tonight's dinner) We'll being having Fried Chicken Salads with hm croutons made with leftover hot dog rolls.I've made these before with a recipe at a restaurant I worked at in my teens. The batch I am making today will be by the seat of my pants and from memory. My oldest would eat these like chips so I'm hoping they turn out, it will do wonders for leftover bread from cookouts and such. Is is me or do there always seem to be an odd number of buns leftover from cookouts?? What ever buns don't end up as Croutons will be made into bread crumbs and I want to try my hand at Homemade Shake and Bake.

Wednesday: Beef and Shrimp Kabobs either over rice or with baked potatoes- My oldest is "graduating" from 5th grade/elementary school and moving on to the big league of MIDDLE SCHOOL so we're celebrating a bit!!! I'm planning on making a pan of brownies and having some icecream to go with it!!!

Thursday: Spaghetti/Manicotti, garlic bread

Friday: Baked Chicken Pieces, mashed potatoes, green beans and hm rolls- My oldest is headed out for a weekend of scout camping and I want to send him off with sufficiant meal before he leaves. I swear they don't feed those boys enough. They come home from these camping trips RAVENOUS!!! lol Could be they eat just fine and they're just growing boys, but at any rate I want to make them a decent meal before they leave!!

Saturday: Is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL so I am planning on burgers on the grill!!

Sunday  Is Father's Day and I want to drop by the cemetary to visit my daddy, and then come home and honor my children's Daddy with a decent meal on the grill. I am truly blessed to have had the father I had, and blessed again for my children to have the father they have.  One of my daddy's favorite thing to grill out  just so happens to be one of my hubby's favorite thing to grill out too and that  is BBQ CHICKEN.  I can take it or leave it but I plan on marinating some chicken in greek seasoning and also grilling some BBQ chicken as well. It will be a chicken feast which is right up my Hubby and sons's alley!!

Enjoy your week!!!

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