Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Menu 6/17-6/23

Here it is Tuesday again, lol I'll be on time one of these days, at least that is the plan right?? lol

Monday ( last night)- BBQ Chicken, potato salad, green beans, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers - We were supposed to have this meal on Sunday but dh came home from the Canoe trip he and my oldest went on absolutely exhausted and several hours overdue so by the time we were all in the same place at the same time we decided to postpone our Father's Day meal and we ordered Pizza instead. Not such a great idea for the budget/wallet but we decided to call it a mercy meal and just roll with it. I'm glad we did, we were all over done and over tired from the weekend.

Tueday- Pan fried fish and french fries

Wednesday- Sausage patties, eggs and fried potatoes

Thursday- BLT'S- my oldest has scouts so this will be a fast meal when he gets home!!

Friday- Loaded Stromboli for the adults, mini hm pizzas and bread sticks for the kiddos and any leftover lettuce and tomato from BLT night will be made into a simple salad to go with the strombolis

Saturday- Burgers on the grill, on hm rolls, garlic roasted potatoes

Sunday- It's a toss up I've got a whole chicken in the freezer but I also have some ribs frozen as well. I guess it will depend on what dh is craving and if he has to work or not. There's been mention of some upgrades or something that he has coming up, he'll be working from home but depending on how involved the work is he might have time for a big Sunday type meal or he might just want something quick so he can get back to work.

So there ya go that is our meal plan for the week.

I forsee us needing Milk, eggs, tomatoes, and possibly mozzarella cheese but nothing else. I need to check the freezer seems to me like I have mozzarella cheese. If I do that would be awesome. Trying hard to stay out of the stores. Money is tight and it seems to only be getting tighter and I need to cut back where ever I can so that I can have the money for back to school needs.

I've clipped my coupons as well and will see if there are any "can't pass up" deals when I go out to get the few items I need for this meal plan.

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