Monday, June 24, 2013

Menu Plan MONDAY 6/24-6/30

Its MONDAY, yep that's right I made it for Menu plan Monday on MONDAY, not Tuesday like normal, but its MONDAY and here I am!!!  Yay Me!!  LOL

And here is my Menu for this week:

Tonight we are having Chicken and Dumplings made from leftover chicken that I made for dinner yesterday

Tuesday: Burgers on the grill, garlic roasted potatoes. We were supposed to have these over the weekend but two days of yard work back to back and we were DONE so I made hotdogs instead, quick easy and filled a hole, lol

Wednesday: Baked Fish, rice and a veg- probably broccolli but I'm not sure yet

Thursday : Nachos/Taco Salad and dirty rice

Friday: Hm Pizza



The weekend is up in the air, Dh works on Saturday, could be a couple hours, could be all day, who knows ?? And I need to do my monthly grocery shopping trip which I will be taking 3 children along on so it will more than likely be something quick and easy since I will most definitely be SPENT/DRAINED but my munchies will still need fed so I'm all about some quick and easy dinner!!!

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