Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday 3/26/2013

Good morning!!!
Today is back to business day around here. We had a no school day yesterday due to snow but today things are back on track!!

So far I've made the bed, packed the lunches, got Hubby and the boys off to work/school and then Little Miss and I are back home and I've called to check on Hubby's Gram.

Now I am enjoying a second cup of coffee and planning my day.

Yesterday was a pretty productive day, I did laundry most of the day, this is what my bed looked like when my husband got home from work, keep in mind that I still had a load in the washer, a load in the dryer and had already put away 2 loads...

Goodness and you just know that after baths were taken I have more laundry waiting on me today. I hoping with the weather warming up hopefully soon that I'll be able to do a load each morning and hang it out, then maybe my monday's won't be so laundry filled??

Yesterday I paid bills, and I also straightened up the bathroom, swished the toilet, watered my plants, cleaned out the refrigerator in anticipation of grocery shopping this week at some point, ran the dishwasher several times and prompted the boys to spend time cleaning their room, which produced a couple bags of garbage( school papers, broken toys, wrappers off of various things-where do they get all this mess?) and it also produced a garbage bag of clothes to donate that are too small for my yougest son and a basket of clothes too small for my oldest son that I'll pack up and save for my youngest son. So yeah it was a busy day. And that list didn't even include meals and butt changes, lol 

My list for today is shaping up to look like:

a couple loads of laundry
lay out something for dinner/meal preps
work on grocery list
clip coupons from the weekend and go over grocery ads
Work in my kitchen, it needs a good straightening and needs to be swept
Straighten up the living room and sweep/vacuum in there as well
I also need to make some Pizza rolls for lunches and possibly some cookies for lunches as well.
Bag and take away the trash

So again busy busy!!

Dinner tonight I think is going to be chicken alfredo and broccolli!!
Enjoy your day!!!


  1. Wow! You are busy! You did a great job and I am sure feel a great sense of accomplishment. I hope you enjoy your Wednesday!

  2. Laundry does keep you busy. My girls made pizza rolls to go with our stew last night.

    Have a wonderful day.