Monday, July 22, 2013

Use it up, wear it out, make do or do without

That's my mantra this week!! We are a week away from payday and that means funds are extremely low, and there will be no unnessassary spending. What we have moneywise will be needed to make sure the hubs can get back and forth to work and with gas prices...well you get the idea. So what we have on hand is what we have and that's that. The only thing I can imagine we would need is sugar, eggs and TP.

So its treasure hunt day, lol I need to get in my freezer and see what we have and then come up with a menu plan based on whats in there.

Am I worried?? Nah, not really. We might not have exactly what everyone wants for meal times but we won't starve by any stretch of the imagination and its good to use up what you have on hand so as not to let anything fall by the wayside and get freezer burnt and become unedible.

So it might be Menu Monday but I can't form a menu till I know what I've got on hand and come up with a plan on what to do with it!! So I'll be back!!!

Enjoy your day!!

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